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Carpets For Landlords


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Is it time to renew the carpet in your rental property? Here are some things you should consider before choosing your carpet. Some tenants aren’t always kind to your carpet, as a result, the carpet takes a lot of abuse. Tenants may be less careful and they clean the carpets less often than they would with their own carpet in their homes. So, the best carpet for a rental property is one that’s durable, affordable and stain-resistant.

A good tenant proof and affordable carpet are PET (polyethylene terephthalate) carpets, which is a type of polyester that is strong and durable. It provides remarkable softness, color clarity and is also naturally stain and fade resistant. polyester may not be as versatile as nylon, but carpets made of polyester fiber perform very well. 

With PET carpeting you get a large selection of style and color options, as well as good texture retention.

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